Feb 26


Learner Profile
At Singapore School Cebu, our curriculum and approach strives to produce pupils who are

#1 Eager Enquirers and Knowledgeable

- who are able to nurture their curiosity
- who develop their enquiry and research skills
- who are well-informed and well-educated
- who become independent and motivated life-long learners

#2 Responsible and Productive

- who can be depended on
- who are diligent and persevering to see tasks through to the

#3 Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

- who can analyse and evaluate a variety of situations
- who can initiate responsible action on complex problems

#4 Confident Communicators

- who are capable of expressing themselves confidently
- who are active collaborators
- who are users of at least 3 languages

#5 Creative and Innovative

- who can employ a wide range of ideas and techniques, be it for a school
  project or when facing challenges, including social situations
- who can show originality and inventiveness in various outputs while
  understanding real world limits to adopting new ideas
- who are adept in the use of technology

#6 Self-Aware

- who recognise and understand their own strengths and
  weaknesses, to know how to best support their

#7 Open-Minded and Reflective

- who are willing to try new things, take risks and learn from
  the experience
- who always work towards maximising their potential
- who views failing as an opportunity to learn

#8 Caring and Principled

- who empathise and show compassion and respect for others
- who act with honesty and integrity
- who can exercise discipline and proper decorum
- who takes responsibility of their actions, aware how it can
  affect others

#9 Well-Balanced

- who recognises the importance of holistic development
- who indulges in various interests that provide equal emphasis
  on physical, social and emotional development

#10 Global Citizens

- who recognises one’s part and role in the global community
- who values their interdependence with mother earth and
  the world


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